John Jack always knew when somebody was lying. He once told Bosch it took a liar to know a liar but never explained how he had come by that piece of wisdom. === ‘CBA’ — the case is closed.” “Meaning?” “Cleared By Arrest. It means no further investigation.” === “Man’s gotta pay the bills. We’re not all happy-go-lucky pensioners like you.” === Bosch turned and looked down into the grave. John Jack’s box appeared to have been made of stainless steel. “He picked it,” Margaret said. “He said it looked like a bullet.” === Bosch had always thought it wasn’t a bad way to go—doing what you loved. === Take every case personally and you get angry. It builds a fire. It gives you the edge you need to go the distance every time out. === Soto was Bosch’s last partner in the LAPD. It had been more than three years since he had retired, but they had crossed paths several times since.