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Title Subtitle Author, Performer, or Director Format Call No.
The King's TasterOppel, KennethBookJE OPPEL
The BoundlessOppel, KennethBookJF OPPEL
Guys ReadOther WorldsScieszka, JonBookJF SCIESZKA
This Dark EndeavorOppel, KennethBookYF
The NestOppel, KennetheBookELECTRONIC RESOURCE
Such Wicked IntentOppel, KennethBookYF
DarkwingOppel, KennethBookJF OPPEL
AirbornOppel, KennethBookYF OPPEL
AirbornOppel, KennethAudiobook CDYF
AirbornOppel, KennethDownloadable AudiobookELECTRONIC RESOURCE
The NestOppel, KennethAudiobook CDJF
SkybreakerOppel, KennethAudiobook CDYF
The BoundlessOppel, KennethAudiobook CDJF
Such Wicked IntentThe Apprenticeship of Victor FrankensteinOppel, KennethAudiobook CDYF
This Dark EndeavorThe Apprenticeship of Victor FrankensteinOppel, KennethAudiobook CDYF
StarclimberOppel, KennethDownloadable AudiobookELECTRONIC RESOURCE
Half BrotherOppel, KennethAudiobook CDYF
Half BrotherOppel, KennethBookYF OPPEL
The King's TasterOppel, KennethDownloadable AudiobookELECTRONIC RESOURCE
StarclimberOppel, KennetheBookELECTRONIC RESOURCE
StarclimberOppel, KennethBookYF OPPEL
SkybreakerOppel, KennetheBookELECTRONIC RESOURCE
FirewingOppel, KennethBookJF OPPEL
SkybreakerOppel, KennethDownloadable AudiobookELECTRONIC RESOURCE
SkybreakerOppel, KennethBookYF OPPEL
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