Jul 16, 2021RandomLibrarian rated this title 1.5 out of 5 stars
I didn't like the main character. She makes a poor representation for a Muslim character because she's mean to pretty much everyone and angry most of the time, she curses constantly and flips people off, lies to her parents, and sneaks around making out with her secret boyfriend at school. She doesn't pray or do anything that her religion prescribes except for fasting in Ramadan and wearing hijab - she dismisses everything else as "dogma". Representations like this of Muslims always disappoint me because, while it may reflect the reality for some Muslims, it creates confusion for non-Muslims about what Islam actually teaches and what Muslims are actually supposed to be like (and what they should/shouldn't do). There aren't enough Muslim characters in YA fiction yet with positive representation to allow for negative representation to feel like just another perspective, rather than the norm. I would find a story about a Muslim character who was actually trying to live according to the faith, but who makes mistakes despite her best intentions, to be more realistic and relatable. "All-American Muslim Girl" and "Does My Head Look Big In This?" are better, as is "Saints and Misfits" and "Love From A To Z".