Jan 22, 2021PDBurt rated this title 3 out of 5 stars
For all you warmongers out there who idolize warfare this will be a grand old time reliving the Vietnam War over and over again. This was the last film with Peter Fonda, and may well be the last military movie of many great old actors, which I myself like better in other roles. I watched this because it is about Vietnam, a topic close to my heart. There is mostly a bunch of talking in this film, with young men listening to the grandiose and heart breaking tales of older soldiers. Not much action except for reruns in a setting that may or may not be Vietnam. As for the actual war: Don't forget all those people in Vietnam, both in the north and the south who died by the hundreds of thousands all so the United States could fight communism, not to mention the tens of thousands of young North American men and teenagers, many just out of Highschool. The U.S. had no business in that civil war on the other side of the world. It was such a gigantic farce: in that the war could have been won many times over, and been done with, but it was all mismanaged. If you think the leaders of war will do better now and learn from the past you're dreaming. History repeats itself and anytime Movies, like this one, dramatizing the camaraderie and heroism of soldiers it's just one big advertisement for more warmongering. All the hype about how valiant this man Pitsenbarger was, will be sure to be the cause of many young men enlisting so they can be the heroic and valiant men and have vibrant memories and feel their lives are worth something other than being consumers in a sick world; in a world already severely damaged by warfare. Let me tell you, there are alternatives to war. If diplomacy had been used in a timely manner after world war One there wouldn't have been world war Two. When does humanity grow up?!! Hopefully modern men and women are more progressive than to succumb to this insanity. Our war should be against pollution not other people. Now the media are making the Chinese the new evil red scare and vamping up patriotism amongst people in the United States, who are already so entrenched in a military state that the military almost owns the U.S. -Which provides wages to so many people involved in the production of war: from weapons, machines, ships, vehicles, clothing, buildings, massive food suppliers, medicine, doctors, nurses, medical equipment, glasses, helmets, counselors, training, teachers, code breakers, clothes, boots, goods- on and on and on and on; and pays for treatment of so many crippled and Post Traumatic Stressed soldiers damaged by warfare. I myself had a neighbor in California in 1966 named Jim who was brighter than bright, in university, spoke several languages, was super trim and athletic, had the most outgoing sense of humor, had a crush on my sister, actively showed his parents love and was kind to everyone. He was drafted. He came back two years later and was insane, couldn't speak, drooled, was fat and unkempt and didn't know who anyone was or what to do- Barely recognizable, a ruined human being. SUCH a waste! Do you know Canada inherited over 50,000 war protesters in the late sixties and early seventies. This was good for us because we got people educated in the States, with skills, knowledge and artistic culture all because they would not live in the war controlled U. S. of A. But beware, we could easily be viewed by the U.S. government as a subsidiary of the States and could be pressured into becoming involved in their warish schemes. The U.S. would go under economically if it didn't have that huge Military, but it is also possible taxpayers could pay less if there wasn't the massive expenditure of WAR. As John Lennon and so many others sang: "Give PEACE a Chance!" I say stop idealizing war by making war movies.