Aug 23, 2020aforrest_0 rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
A true animated classic that wasn't put out by Disney. Great music, great story and great characters. Dramatic with the family separation in the plot, but there's fun and humor, too. Just when things seem the most bleak, there is a very happy ending, though! (No spoilers!) Most of all, there's a lot of heart. And yours and those of your children will be tugged at, as well. I remember my first cousin saw it at the age of six and really liked it. In a sweet bit of trivia for pop music fans: the pretty song from there --"Somewhere Out There" -- was the first song in fifty years (since the 30s, then!) from an animated movie to get radio play and be a charted hit (number two) on the radio. (The end credits version.) It won two Grammys, too! I loved that!! Also in another fun bit of trivia, the Mousekewitzes Russian hometown of Shostka is real! (Fievel would these days be Ukranian-American!) Still a dear favorite of mine, and I first saw it the year that it premiered (1986)!:)