The Boys Who Challenged Hitler
The Boys Who Challenged Hitler Knud Pedersen and the Churchill Club By Hoose, Phillip M., 1947- Book - 2015

I am also ten years old. I think it is amazing that a group of teenagers, who saw no future in there country without resistance, decided to take action. I think this book does a good job of showing how even though the Churchill Club had weapons, whenever they thought of using them they became nervous, and regretful. They were in a situation where weapons may have been needed, bu they were kids and not trained to kill. I also liked how this book had parts from Knud Pedersen, and how there were litte sidre parts on Danish history in WW2. The epilogue was also great, talking about the Churchill Clubbers lives after there jailing and saboteur activities. Overall, this was a fantastic book about the resisting youth of the Churchill club. I would give this a five out of five star review, but to decide for yourself, you should read it.

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