well, let's see. Someone is after Barrington - check
Meets a new girl - check
Girl's from a small town in GA that he's never heard of - Delano - check
Bed's girl immediately - check
(seriously - how many woman actually drop their "thongs" 5 minutes after meeting this guy)
How much does Stone weigh. Think about it - eats fatty foods all the time. Drinks like a fish. Never once has he had a plain hamburger or hot dog (and even rich people do eat them).
Flee the danger - fly away - check
Find more danger so flee to another house - check
Find even more danger so flee to yet another home - check.

Same plot in every book. Danger, sex, fatty foods, more danger, more sex, more fatty foods.

Plus his age is never discussed. The book seems to infer he would be in his 30's or 40's but he has to be at least 50 +. So in order to bed all these woman he must be an adonis, hung like a horse and filthy rich.

Yet the suspense in this book and it's climax (no, not "that" one) came to yet another unsatisfactory ending with no "closure" on a couple items (won't give away those items).

So, tell me, why am I drawn to these books? Oh, I know, I can read them in a day normally. Short books and short chapters.

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