This was my first Emily Giffin read and will be my last.

I was wary of reading a book with a tie to September 11, 2001 because at that time I was working as a 911 / police dispatcher and took many calls from people who were afraid, reporting things they thought they might have seen as well as "normal" emergency calls. Even 19 years later I remember that day and the tenor of those calls. But I was also looking for a love story with a happy ending to read. While it kinda was a small town romance type of sort of happy ending, the rest of the book fell well below my expectations.

I'm sure there were people having affairs that died on September 11. Adultery is nothing new and I don't see it ending. There's always going to be someone who engages in it. But to use September 11 and the deaths that occurred on that day and after from effects of the towers falling as the backdrop for a story where there are lies and cheating is inappropriate. Giffin could have just had a "normal" plane crash or even an earthquake or hurricane rather than an act of terror perpetrated on our country to tell the story. Aside from a weak story that read more like a boring women's fiction than a love story, the use of September 11 turned me off on the book and on Giffin. It was a cheap cash in on a tragic day which has and will continue to define us.

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