The beginning of the book almost made me throw it out the window. I didn't like the style one bit. The main character basically writes (and rewrites) a letter (letters?) to an attorney she hopes might take her case. She claims that she did not commit the crime for which she had been arrested.

She tells her story from the very beginning. If you're writing a plea letter to a lawyer, you do not write a book... but it's supposedly so that the lawyer can know all the details and see her innocence.

It starts off slow. We wait for something to happen, but there really isn't anything. Weird things that happen are few and far between. It picks up about half way. We see that things get crazy and we're not sure what to think. We're hooked.

And then the ending happens. There is an explanation of sorts which you might not have seen coming, which I enjoyed, but it's really not all that vital to the story and what happened. The ending is rushed. Things are basically spelled out to you. Some things are said which are unnecessary.

It had some good moments, but the beginning and the end were weird.

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