I loved this book. I haven’t read the book, A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, which features the character of the seamstress in a minor role. So even though I don’t know the story by which this book was inspired, I still really enjoyed reading this book.
I loved reading about the lives that both Renee and Laurette had and how even though they were cousins and all the biological family they had left, their lives went in two very different directions.
But even though they came to live very different lives from one another they ultimately both learned from their mistakes and received God’s forgiveness.
I loved the relationship between Laurette and Gagnon a lot. How their relationship truly progressed throughout the years. How in the earlier years their relationship was pure and they didn’t see each other as nothing more than family but once Laurette was old enough their love for each other grew. I have to admit at first I was a little concerned about how that was going to work out but the author wrote it perfectly.
I also loved the relationship between Renee and Bertrand, but it was sad to see it end so tragically.
I also really enjoyed reading about Marcel. He made a lot of mistakes and wasn’t always the greatest person but you could also understand we’re he was coming from.
This is my first book reading from this author and I will definitely be reading more books from her.

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