No shortage of stalkers in this one!!

Someone has been murdered in the kitchen...but why? And who did it? To find the answer, the reader is led back in time over two months before the crime occurred. There we meet Tom Fitzwilliam, local teacher, husband, father and all around chick magnet. We also meet Joey, recently returned from Ibiza with a new husband, short of cash and bunking in with her older brother. And Freddie, Tom’s son who sees the world differently than most. Finally, there is Jenna, a fifteen year old student at Tom’s school who is not sure what to think of the handsome teacher.

As the story moves closer and closer to the day of the murder, we learn more and more about Tom, Joey, Freddie and Jenna, as well as other neighbours who live in Lower Melville/Melville Heights. One thing is sure...someone has been made to pay. Was it revenge for something done in the past? Or was it a crime of passion? With many possible suspects and victims, the answers take a while to reveal themselves...

Pros: A well plotted story with suspects aplenty. I also really liked the police transcripts from the day after the murder, slowly giving a bit more insight into what actually happened on March 24th.

Cons: One character in particular made many frustratingly bad decisions - it was hard to watch. Also, the irresistible allure of Tom was a little difficult to believe.

Super good!!

4 Stars

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