Save the Cat! Writes A Novel
Save the Cat! Writes A Novel The Last Book on Novel Writing You'll Ever Need By Brody, Jessica Book - 2018

Novelists can learn a lot from screenwriters about plot structure and story development, but until Jessica Brody contributed this book there was no entry in the Save the Cat! canon specifically geared toward the novelist.

The stated intent of the Save the Cat! series is not to squelch creativity or to produce rigidly "formulaic" prose, but to assist writers trying to develop robust, full-featured plots that don't leave readers unsatisfied or feeling that the writer failed to include elements necessary to produce a complete, finished story. Some critics disagree, feeling that the Save the Cat! series is, in fact, formulaic - your mileage may vary.

While many of the genre tropes and story structure elements will be familiar to writers who are familiar with the original works of Blake Snyder (geared toward Hollywood-blockbuster style screenplays) this entry stands alone and can be enjoyed by writers working in multiple genres and exploring various themes.

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