I’ve read all of the 20+ Reacher books. This one continues the decline evident in the past several books, with increasing attention to political correctness, but now diving deeper into the swamp.

It continues with the basic Reacher formula: Reacher + accidental encounter + weak innocent person needing help + powerful villains + lots of fights + location picked randomly from atlas = novel. But this one falls apart due to its thin plot and villain stereotypes.

Supposedly this was co-authored with the brother of author Lee Child. It appears more likely that Adam Schiff, known for his fictional conspiracy fantasies, helped Mr. Child.
The basic story line: Russian spies want to manipulate future election counts. A cyber-dweeb and secure voting software are in their way. The dweeb and America need the help of Reacher, but bad cops and neo-Nazis get in the way. Fortunately, Reacher and the always trustworthy-FBI are on the job.

Perhaps the manuscript was completed before the historical events of 2019-21, when that plot might have seemed more believable, and it was too late to re-write it? I charitably gave this book one star.

However, using a little word substitution exercise, you can make the book more enjoyable and the plot much more credible. When you read it, just make these mental word substitutions (but DON’T mark a library book):
Substitute the word Republicans for the word Antifa, when it’s found in the novel.
Substitute the word Antifa for Nazi
Substitute Marx for Hitler
Substitute Silicon Valley for Moscow
Substitute Big Tech for Russia
Substitute the anarchist A symbol for the swastika
Substitute FBI agent for cop/police and vice-versa.

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