The Lonely City
The Lonely City Adventures in the Art of Being Alone By Laing, Olivia Book - 2016

I guess I was too lonely to read about loneliness as this just made me straight up sad. After about 20 pages, I wanted to pat the author on the arm and tell her she's not alone. But since I was alone, I had to just tell myself it's just being human. I kept reading for another couple pages, skimmed through a few more chapters and decided this is definitely not the book to read when you're alone and feeling sad. Although it's nice to know people are more lonely than you and more sad than you, those people (the author) keeps mentioning friends she stays with and that sort of thing. I don't have that kind of friend. So who wins the lonely city award? Not her. If you have friends you can stay with, you are not in a lonely city. You just had a bad break-up, girl.

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