Albright promotes fascism while pretending to oppose it.
--- Condemns "dehumanization" (tho Republicans are "irredeemable deplorables"). Supports extermination of 50,000,000 unborn babies since Roe on Naziesque pretext they aren't people. She defended our killing 500,000 Iraqi children with sanctions.
--- Upholds Bush/Obama devastation of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen, killing 1,000,000, leaving the rest in chaos, and flooding Europe with refugees. Likes Bush despite his fraudulent WMD rants and world-threats ("You're either with us or the terrorists") because he was polite to her. Supports Obama drone-murder program.
--- Condones Ferguson rioters and arsonists. Declared that women would burn in Hell unless they supported Hillary. Says internet diminishes free press by allowing Republican ideas to spread.
--- Condones fascist violence of Dems (who had warned of looming Trump revolt). Dem mobs rampaged against the election, destroying property and attacking Trump supporters. Ax-wielding Antifa gangs took over Oregon streets and shut down an ICE office. Dems tried to subvert the Electoral College. Dems shot Repr Steve Scalise, almost killing him, and beat Sen Rand Paul, causing serious injuries. Dem thugs suppress Republican speech on campus. Raucous Dems pound Supreme Court building, shout at Republican Senators in Capitol, and threaten Republican officials in restaurants, on planes, etc. Dem celebrities joke about bombing the White House, killing Trump and his family. Dem leaders like Eric Holder, Cory Booker, Maxine Waters, Elijah Cummings, Jerrold Nadler urge violence or hurl inflamatory false accusations of treason and usurpation. (Holder refused to prosecute Black Panther voter intimidation. Obama protected violent campus groups. Holder urged Dems to kick Republicans; later he said he meant it figuratively, but his listeners got the message.) Trump-hat wearers fear assault by rabid Dem activists. Albright condones this outrageous fascist brutality. She incites more Dem hate and violence by likening Trump to Hitler and Republicans to Nazis. Indeed the point of her book is to make the reader hate and fear Trump and Republicans.
--- Liberal fascism was on display in nighttime Mueller Gestapo raid on Trump associate Roger Stone and wife on Jan 25, 2019. Large assault-force of heavily armed FBI rousted 66-year-old Stone from his home. They pounded on the windowed door, aimed their weapons at it, shouted for Stone to come out, and took him away in sleeping clothes and cuffs. His 72-year-old wife, hearing-impaired, later said she was awakened at gunpoint by two armored agents who ordered her out of bed and marched her outside barefoot wearing only her nightgown. CNN had arrived an hour earlier and filmed the raid. CNN reporter gave evasive answer when asked how he knew the raid was coming; clearly Mueller side had tipped him off. Media experts scoffed at Stone's complaints of his treatment, and pretended the raid was normal practice (for drug lords); they would have screamed hysterically if Hillary had been arrested in such fashion. The point of the fascist exercise was to terrorize the Stones and other Trump associates.
--- Albright says Jews are threatened by Trump (despite Jewish daughter, commitment to Israel), yet blames him for moving embassy to Jerusalem. (He cut off tiny funds to Pals vs many billions for Israel. Tree of Life shooter denounced Trump's Jewish ties.)
--- Warns against ethno/nationalist ideologies. (Cf Chosen People, Promised Land, Manifest Destiny, American Exceptionalism). Says fascists play on past wrongs. (Cf Holocaust, 9/11, Tonkin, Alamo, Maine pretexts.)
--- Blames Arafat for refusing peace. (He & Rabin won Nobel Peace Prize, but Jewish fanatic murdered Rabin after Netanyahu condoned cries of "Death to Rabin!") Says critics of Israel are antiSemitic.
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