The Edible Cookie Dough Cookbook
The Edible Cookie Dough Cookbook 75 Recipes for Incredibly Delectable Doughs You Can Eat Right Off the Spoon By Hops, Olivia Book - 2018

I was excited to try one of her recipes from this cookbook. However, I was somewhat disappointed with the flavor. It didn't taste like regular cookie dough that I would normally sneak a few bites from because the egg was missing from it. And I thought the recipes gave you way too much cookie dough based on the amount of ingredients. For example, the "Chocolate Chip Cookie" recipe I tried called for over 2 cups of flour and nearly 2 cups of brown/white sugar. Yikes. It would've been more ideal if there was a "mini-batch" option so we're not stuck with huge amounts of cookie dough.

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