The Trouble With Angels

The Trouble With Angels

DVD - 2003
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Two mischievous students turn convent school upside down with their pranks. During Christmas break, Mary remains at the school and is touched by the Sisters' celebration of the Yule. Their graduation is both a relief and a celebration for the Mother Superior.
Publisher: Burbank, CA : Columbia Pictures, 2003.
Edition: DVD edition full frame version.
ISBN: 9781404939875
Branch Call Number: 791.43617 TROUBLE
Characteristics: 1 videodisc (111 min.) : sound, color ; 4 3/4 in.


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Nov 20, 2020

Treasure the times with your elderly parents during this holiday season:

And when my husband died, everything was gone. Money, house, everything. Everything was gone.
=== my son said he'd come tomorrow. He has a new car. Well, practically new. He couldn't come last year because the children had the flu. But this year he's coming and I'm so happy... You know, they kept my social security? I didn't know that they would. They never told me they would keep my social security.
My children said I could come... and have a Christmas at their house. But they didn't come. I had gifts for them.
-There may have been a very good reason why they couldn't come.
But it's Christmas, and they promised. I did everything for them when they were little.
-Nothing was too hard. Then do one thing more.
-Be happy. That's the greatest gift a mother can give her children. It's the season of our savior's birthday and there must be no tears.

Nov 20, 2020

Really, a child your age smoking!
-I'm not a child, madam, I'm a midget with bad habits.
I've got the most scathingly brilliant idea.
Then throw out your chests and breathe in the fresh air. Out, out with your chest.
- It's as out as it'll go.
Boy, she's a fink!
- President of the club.
The way she talked to us you'd think we were criminals.
-The only difference between this place and a girls' reformatory... is the tuition. And we got enrolled instead of committed.
How did you happen to get sent to St. Francis?
-Well, age and money were on my parents' side. How about you?
Uncle George said he'd lay odds the nuns could straighten me out.
-And what did you say?
And I asked him, "What odds?"
You know, maybe it won't be so bad here, after all. I mean, you and I are certainly simpatico.
It may come as something of a surprise to you... but smoking, drinking, and similar extracurricular activities... are not permitted at St. Francis.

Nov 20, 2020

Some of you may not know that St. Francis is not only a school... but the motherhouse of our order. It's where the young sisters come for their novitiate... and the old sisters retire.
Maybe we'll be struck dead if we defile the sanctorum.
-We did it yesterday and we're still alive. Don't be so medieval.
Cloister Tours will show you that mystery of mysteries... where Mother Superior sleeps.
What do you expect for 35 cents? Hair shirts?
What does this remind you of?
- Napoleon's retreat from Moscow.
But we're supposed to know how to swim before we get out of here.
-We've got three years.
That's what I like to see. A true penitent. I'm sure the floor must be cold. I think you can ponder your sins just as easily with a little help.
I've got the most scathingly brilliant idea.
-I think it's a stinking idea!
This is the St. Christopher medal today, Valerie.
-Couple more medals and she can start her own church.

Nov 20, 2020

"I'm a captive in a nunnery."
-If you wanna get sprung, you'll have to do better than that. Anyway, what makes you think he'll drive here from New Trends?
He said I could call on him anytime I needed him. We were very simpatico.
"My parents won't do anything... and Mother Superior is prosecuting me."
"She said I'm the devil's agent."
-She meant you were my stooge.
Tell Mr. Petrie... that Mother Superior is stifling your creative flow. That's a fact.
-And I'll tell him that if I don't get out of here... I'm seriously contemplating an act of...
- Yeah.
One of us may have to go. But I guarantee you it won't be me.
What did Mother Superior say to you?
-I wouldn't repeat it in this sacred place.
How long are you gonna be grounded?
-I have to do the Stations of the Cross twice every day. How about you?

Nov 20, 2020

The only desperation around here, Mr. Petrie, is that of the sisters... who cope with that product of progressive education... you have inflicted upon us, namely, Rachel Devery.
-I hardly expect you... to completely accept New Trends' creative concept of education.
It's an abomination.
- See here, Reverend Mother...
You see here, young man. In the seven months that child has been at St. Francis... there hasn't been a day the sisters haven't had to struggle... with her colossal ignorance in elementary matters... as reading, writing, and arithmetic. Not mathematics, mind you, arithmetic. As for the social graces, I'm convinced... that your school encourages barbarism... and concerns itself only with freethinking, freewheeling, and finger painting.
-The finest educational minds in the country happen to be on our side.
God is on ours.
I've got to do the pots all week.
- Oh, heck.
Mother Superior said that the detergent might help to wash away my sins.

Nov 20, 2020

"...youth quality of stirring innocence...
"invariably reproaches the world of the adult.
"The exclusively attractive charm of the young...
"makes nonsense of their sophistications.
"The poet Wordsworth, recalling his youth...
"perceived the child as prophet...
"a witness to the vision which the world has largely lost.
"The child, he says, comes from the hand of his creator...
"trailing clouds of glory. In the morning of his creation...
"he participates in the many-splendored creativity of his maker.
"He is ingenuous, but ingenious...
"simple, yet profoundly wise...
"a hidden fountain from which bubbles forth...
"a defiance of the wrinkles of age.
"There is yet another quality...
"which endows the child with an aura of mystery.
"It is his remoteness.
"He is unfathomable in his privacy, inscrutable in his design.
"And with the philosophers of old...
"he believes there is not much one can do but bury a man.
"When the last of his..."

Nov 20, 2020

I adore your hair. You look so French.
- Saks, $22.95.
Welcome back to Happy Acres. A number of your parents have commented on the fact... that they find you singularly clumsy. After some observation, I must conclude they are justified.
Yes, Reverend Mother. Sister Ursula said: "Go walk in the woods. Breathe the air. It's good for you." So we did.
-Evidently, Sister Ursula's German accent amuses you.
I didn't know she was German, Reverend Mother.
-Then surely you didn't know that during the war... Sister Ursula kept 34 Jewish children hidden... for more than two years in the cellar of a destroyed convent outside of Munich. And that when this was finally discovered, she was imprisoned. She suffered untold indignities, and she...

Nov 20, 2020

I hope I die young... and very wealthy.
That there's no such thing as Silent Sunday. We're the victims of a fiendish plot. 'cause she's sick of all the noise.
Your niece, Mr. Clancy, and your daughter, Mr. Devery... have committed their last felony at St. Francis. For two years now, the sisters and I have endured... that which would try the patience of a saint. And since there's been no word from the Holy Father in Rome... that he is about to bestow sainthood upon us... I am putting an end to our martyrdom.
Never in all my years have I met... two likelier candidates for San Quentin.
There is no explanation you could possibly offer me... as to why I should not expel those two criminals, and that is final!
I think I'm going to kill myself.
- Catholics aren't allowed to.
We hope some of you new girls will join the band. Talent is desirable but not essential.

Nov 20, 2020

I realize that Mary is a high-spirited young girl.
-High-spirited, my foot.
I beg you to consider the fact that Mary is an orphan. I've had to be both father and mother to my dear dead brother's only child.
My devotion to her. Well, no matter how busy I am... I always find time for a little visit with her.
I have a feeling we're going to get bounced.
-My father will kill me. I could live with that, but it's what
my mother's going to do that I can't stand.
- She'll act like a martyr.
Hello, Uncle George.
- Don't you speak to me.

Hi, Daddy. Daddy, sir?
-For two cents, I'd put you in San Quentin myself.
And do you know why you were reprieved? Because I'm convinced that it would be a cruel and unchristian act... to let you two loose on an unsuspecting world. The world is not yet ready for you.

Nov 20, 2020

Pots... from now until the end of the term... and a 1,000-word essay, double-spaced... on "The evils of smoking... "and why I gave it up."
-I was going to give up smoking anyway. Never did like it.

I knew you wouldn't expel them.
-It's a good thing you didn't make book on it. You might have been taken to the laundry.
To the cleaners, Mother.
-It's the point, not the vernacular, that's important. I intended to expel them. I was determined to expel them. It wasn't an easy decision... but I had reached it, and they were going to go. What they did could have had
very serious consequences.
Yes, I know.
-We can't permit anarchy, can we? We can't remain passive in the face of utter disregard... for personal safety and property, now, can we?
Of course not.
-Still, I couldn't do it. I couldn't expose Mary to that man and his...
secretaries. She's still a child... and my conscience wouldn't permit it.

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Nov 20, 2020

Know any ladies (grandma, elderly mom, beloved wife or dear friends) who graduated from a convent all-girls boarding school? This PG family comedy shows how some of the ladies might have made friends, and been educated by watchful nuns in the 1960s. Filmed at Lindenwold Castle, St. Mary's Home for Children in Ambler, Pennsylvania although the school could be anywhere in USA as one of the scenes references San Quentin. A good escape film in today's trying times. (See the first set of quotes when they visit the County Home for the Aged.)

Sep 23, 2020

Sweet family movie about two teenage girls in Catholic boarding school. Back when children were held accountable for their bad behavior you could get dish duty at school or summer camp. These girls do a lot of dishes.

JCLHeatherM Jun 10, 2020

An unlikely coming of age story set at a convent school, teen girls Mary and Rachel form a fast bond as mischievous students who just want a little fun while sequestered in the St. Francis School for Girls. Over the years, Mary and Rachel mature into young women and struggle to find a place in a newly modern world that may not be ready for them.

Sep 16, 2019

absolutely super movie! a joy for all...

Dec 03, 2016

Warm and friendly mid-sixties family entertainment, the kind Hollywood just doesn't make anymore, directed with heart and verve by Golden Era screen legend Ida Lupino. "The Trouble With Angels" features a terrific cast headed by the peerless Rosalind Russell ("His Girl Friday," "Auntie Mame," Mama Rose in the 1962 screen version of "Gypsy") as the wise but exasperated Mother Superior of St. Francis Academy For Girls matching wits and wills with Mary Clancy, a rebellious new student played by the winning Hayley Mills, the British "it" girl of her generation.

Russell and Mills have a marvelous chemistry, their scenes resonate with humor, tension, biting wit, and moments of tenderness. Watch for two especially potent scenes: the turning point where Mother Superior shares her girlhood dreams and memories with Mary as she rescues Mary's efforts to make a party dress; and the almost unbearably poignant sequence where Mary, confounded by Mother Superior's apparent indifference to a sudden, shocking death among the sisters, spies on her solitary chapel vigil--and finds the dignified older woman weeping inconsolably over the coffin.

Great film scores are the unseen costar in movies; the best of them illuminate both the characters' exterior actions and their interior thoughts and feelings. Jerry Goldsmith's music throughout much of "The Trouble With Angels" is appropriately light and playful, reflecting the hilarious misadventures of the feisty, scheming Mary ("I've go a scathingly brilliant idea!") and her guileless pal, Rachel. In the chapel scene the music becomes hauntingly melancholy, underscoring both the aching sadness of the moment and the beauty of Mary's growing maturity and wisdom.

Marge Redmond shines as Sister Ligouri, Mother Superior's supportive and wryly funny confidant, as does the talented June Harding as the gawky, hapless Rachel. It's impossible not to like Mary and Rachel; amid the turgid melodramas and beach blanket bikini studio flicks of the 1960s were here and there some excellent films that explored the special bond between adolescent girls facing life transitions. (1964's "The World of Henry Orient" also comes to mind.) Hayley Mills and June Harding have such a natural chemistry together it's a pity they didn't re-team for another film. (Neither appear in the 1968 sequel "Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows.")
Redmond would revisit the role of nun as sympathetic sounding board the following year in the cutesy sixties tv series "The Flying Nun," opposite Sally Field.

This is a wonderful family film, especially for young girls, and highly recommended.

Oct 03, 2015

Cute movie. I love Hayley Mills! Wasn't exactly what I thought the movie would be, I wanted to show it to the kids at school, but thought since it wasn't animated or prank-filled like Parent Trap they wouldn't appreciate it. Sad that if it isn't animated they don't really give it a chance these days!

Dec 07, 2010

Hayley Mills finds a friend and partner in crime when she’s sent to a Catholic girl’s school. Their pranks frustrate Mother Superior (Rosalind Russell), but the girls end up growing and maturing. This movie is fun for the whole family and has hilarious as well as touching moments. Look for a sequel “Where Angels Go”

Feb 01, 2010

Great movie for family entertainment


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