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When mother Marlo gives birth to her third baby, she wasn't expecting to hire a nanny to help with the newborn. Her brother contracts the services of young Tully as a nanny on Marlo's behalf, however. At first Marlo thinks of having a nanny as an unnecessary indulgence, but as the two women get to know each other better, they begin to form an unexpected bond, although their relationship is not always such smooth sailing.


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Dec 11, 2018

We should all connect with our Tully.

Dec 09, 2018

I watched it twice, and still didn't like it.The only thing I took from it was how emotionally distant she was with her kids and husband because of her day to day family chore grind. The whole threesome stuff and others seem unnecessary. I also don't understand why her wealthy brother hired her a night nanny, and the nanny was also considered as an imaginary one. I didn't like the story line but the actors did their best. It's not worth all the hype though.

Dec 03, 2018

Lesson learned: If you suffer from post-partum depression, a bar's not going to help you.

I do not say this lightly at all: This is a nearly perfect movie.
The story, dialogue, lighting, pace, and (most of all) the acting are absolutely game-changing.
This should be the standard.

Every achingly beautiful, chaotic, painful, wonderful moment all flows towards an incredibly satisfying conclusion.
The closing shot is amazing. Like so much in the film it says oceans without saying anything at all.

This is, hands down, Charlize Theron's best work.

Dec 02, 2018

There should be more movies like this...showing real women's experiences...but with an interesting story and positive outlook too.

Oct 19, 2018

Good movie, thought provoking and engrossing. Definitely not what I thought it was going to be...

Sep 25, 2018

Maybe it's not a guy movie, but they can learn what it takes to become a mother. It becomes emotional and a physically roller coaster. Life changes, it's not like going to a job 9 - 5, it's 24/7 with no breaks.

Sep 18, 2018

Marvelous! Charlize Theron tells many a mother's story with every fibre of her being.

Sep 18, 2018

This is a remarkable movie. I would especially refer viewers to the special features section which includes thoughts of the writer, who notes how few movies are made that are actually about women's lives as they truly are; and that she intends her work to illuminate this. The movie takes us in unexpected directions. No sense here that we need to know why because that's how life is. It's 5 stars. Don't miss it. Don't dismiss it as merely a rendering of postpartum depression.

Sep 17, 2018

I got fooled by the decent ratings for this one.

I have no doubt there are people who this movie would impress but best guess says they'd have to be women.

And good on you, women. Enjoy.

But guys...unless you've been doubling down on the soy, this one is not for us.

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Sep 11, 2018

Hey, kiss good night. She'll be different in the morning.
-That's sweet.
No. She will. She'll grow a little overnight. So will we.
Yeah, but you pretty much are the baby. I mean, even though this one's been earth-side for three weeks, her DNA is still inside of you.
- Right, yeah.
No, actually her cells will hang around in your bloodstream for years, and though Mia here will be her own person someday, right now she's still very much an extension of you. She knows your smell, your voice, your heartbeat. And you know her better than anyone. I mean, you built her from the toes up.
If I'm older, why are you so much wiser?
-Because I'm 26. All I have is time to think about stuff. Such a shame you're gonna forget it all after three pregnancies.

Sep 11, 2018

Spoiler Alert, all the good lines are near the end:

I bet you have big plans. I mean, your 20s are great. They are, but then your 30s come around the corner like a garbage truck at 5:00 AM. Yeah.
What are you gonna do when that cute little butt of yours drops and your feet grow a half a size with each pregnancy, and this whole free spirit thing... it stops being charming. And it just starts to look ugly.
You're convinced that you're this failure, but you actually made your biggest dream come true.
- Oh, my... what?
That sameness that you despise. That's your gift to them. Waking up every day and doing the same things for them over and over. You... are boring. Your marriage is boring. Your house is boring, but that's fxcking incredible!
That's the big dream, to grow up and be dull and constant, and then raise your kids in that circle of safety.


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Jan 20, 2019

To the skeptics of the mom depicted:

Lisa Abramson says that even after all she’s been through – the helicopters circling her house, the snipers on the roof, and the car ride to jail – she still wants to have a second child.

Because, in the beginning, when her daughter was born, Lisa was smitten, just like the mom she’d imagined she would be. She’d look into her baby’s round, alert eyes and feel the adrenaline rush through her. She had so much energy. She was so excited.

“I actually was thinking like, ‘I don’t get why other moms say they’re so tired or this is so hard. I got this,’” she says.

Lisa wanted to be the perfect mom. She was ready to be the perfect mom. She’d been a successful marketing executive for a Silicon Valley tech company and a successful entrepreneur. And that first week after her baby was born, everything was going according to plan. The world was nothing but love.

But even when Lisa did get tired, and she got time to sleep, she couldn’t.


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