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DVD - 2017
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Through a revolutionary technology that unlocks his genetic memories, Callum Lynch experiences the adventures of his ancestor, Aguilar, in 15th Century Spain. Callum discovers he is descended from a mysterious secret society, the Assassins, and amasses incredible knowledge and skills to take on the oppressive and powerful Templar organization in the present day.


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Aug 20, 2020

The effects were pretty great - but boy did they whiff on the overall film. From the get-go, I think they really had no idea what to do with this franchise. 60% of games are under the age of 35, yet the average age of the 4 main leads was 49 years old. Did they have some insight into the average age of Assassin's Creed players being 50 years old, or did they just mess up that badly? It also felt by the end like they just didn't know how to end this film (if you want to know specifics with spoilers, see the end of my comments). Overall, some fun moments and they successfully pulled the game into movie life and came up with an interesting enough story - but the execution fell absolutely flat. After the movie just falling flat, that there are 15 minutes of credits at the end of the film was adding insult to injury. [SPOILER ALERTS!!!!] In 1492, Aguilar and Maria are pursued by hundreds of soldiers. In 2016, Cal and Moussa have to fight off hundreds of security guards at Abstergo Industries. When the Templars are bringing out the Apple of Eden in their huge ceremony - the assassin can just walk right up to Rikkin and leave? The Templars finally have the Apple of Eden, some they have pursued for CENTURIES and that is the only time in the entire movie they DON'T have an army of guards?

Jul 18, 2020

I think a sequal is needed for this movie . I think they should give it another try.

ArapahoeCarina May 06, 2020

Fiction in English and Spanish languages situated in Spain in 1492, a time traveler discovers his pass being a member of a secret society "The Assassins Brotherhood" which fights with the "Templar Society Knights" to keep the possession of the Apple. Action, passion, Love, commitment, determination are words which describe the story of this movie. Custom design and make up and hairstyling are awesome. Capturing of images is great.

Nov 22, 2019

An action movie. 1492 in Spanish
See extras. I liked the eagle.
15 minutes of credits.

Mar 21, 2019

A low light, murky-looking film compatible with its gloomy atmosphere, gloomy characters and gloomy theme of kill everyone and anything.
Action sequences are okay (what you can see), but after many lengthy bouts of exhausting running and jumping, nap time may be called for.

Mar 16, 2019

Excellent movie!

Mar 06, 2019

Very different, odd and/or strange. Not really drama but sci-fi. Definitely could tell why it was a computer game.

Feb 28, 2018

Directed by Justin Kurzel in 2016 based on the video game franchise of the same name, this American action-adventure drama depicts the struggle of Callum "Cal" Lynch who found his mother killed by his father, Joseph, a modern-day Assassin.
In 2016, Cal is sentenced to death for murdering a pimp, but his execution is faked by the Abstergo Foundation, which then takes him to their research facility in Madrid.
The stopryline switches back and forth between the Spanish Inquisition of 1492 and the present.
For those who don't know the video game, the story seems quite complicated, but you should be able to enjoy this action-packed thrilling and amazingly fascinating entertainment.

Feb 22, 2018

Non-stop action is no substitute for a good story. I do not know anything about the game. This movie does not make me want to learn/play the game. I liked the weapons better than any other part of the movie. Be prepared to read a lot of English subtitles because much of the movie has characters speaking to each other in Spanish. This 1'55" movie is 1'40" movie plus 15 minutes of credits.

If there is a more absurd (mainstream) movie to have been released this decade I have yet to see it.
It is astounding that Michael Fassbender and Jeremy Irons accepted these roles.
The script and entire central theme of this movie are laughable on a variety of levels.
This is something a 10 year old would write.

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Apr 12, 2017

For centuries, the order of the Knights Templar have searched for the mythical Apple of Eden. They believe it contains not only the seeds of man's first disobedience, but the key to the free will itself.
What is it?
-The machine? It's genetic memory. By using the Animus, we can relive lives of those who made us who we are.
What I saw in there, it felt real.
-It was. In a way.
Tell my father that I'll see him in hell.
You're in a rehabilitation wing of Abstergo Foundation in Madrid, a private organization dedicated to the perfection of human kind. With your help, we can pioneer new ways to eradicate violence.
What do you want from me?
-Your past. Listen to me carefully, Cal. You're about to enter the Animus. What you are about to see, hear and feel, are the memories of someone who has been dead for 500 years.

Apr 12, 2017

Looking back it's clear that a history of the world is history a violence. Last year the economic impact of antisocial behavior was 9 trillion dollars. We believe that man today experiences a measure of aggression which he finds no acceptable outlets. Now imagine if all these costs could be channeled elsewhere...

We've won. People are no longer care about their civil liberties, they care about their standard of life. The modern world has outgrown notions like freedom. They are content to follow. The threat remains while free will exists. For centuries we try with religion, with politics and now consumerism to eliminate dissent. Isn't it the time we gave a science a try?


Hallucinations are what we call the "bleeding effect." Images of your regression, laying themselves over your present day field of vision. If you allow me, I can teach you how to control them.

Apr 12, 2017

I know everything about you, Cal. Your medical data, your psychological profile, the mutations in your MAO-A gene. I know about the foster homes. The juvenile homes. You are a living proof of the link between heredity and crime.
-How did you find me?
We found Aguilar. When you were arrested, your DNA matched his.
-Who is Aguilar?
Your ancestor. His family were Assassins. They were burnt at the stake by the Templars, Torquemada and the black night you saw, Ojeda. Aguilar took up the Assassins' cause.


The Bible tells us it contained the seed of man's first disobedience. But there are those of us who believe that God or some ancient civilization have left us a road map to understand why people are violent.
I thought I was here to be cured.
-Violence is a disease. Like cancer. And like cancer, we hope to control it one day.
Violence is what kept me alive.
-Well technically, you're dead.

Apr 12, 2017

Assassins and Templars have been at war for centuries. I aim to change that.
-That's right, I forgot. We're here to combat aggression. I don't think I like your methods.
I am a scientist. I'm here to be cured of violence.
-Who's gonna cure you?


You're your mother's son.
-What does that mean?
Blood that flows through you is not your own. Belongs to the Creed. Your mother knew that. She died so the Creed may live.
The Apple contains the genetic code for free will. They will use it to destroy us.
-I'm gonna find it. And watch them destroy you and your Creed.
You can not kill the Creed. It's in your blood. The Apple is everything. Your mother died to protect it.
=She had no choice. I do.
For decades, you have lived in the world torn apart by religious discord. But soon, thanks to God and Inquisition we will purge this disease! The sinners before you, sought to defend the heretic prince of Granada, the last heathen stronghold in our holy war.

Apr 12, 2017

Do you know how the Assassins came to be named? From an Arabic word "Hashashin". They were society's outcasts. Those who stole, who murdered in cold blood. People ridiculed them... Rebels, fools, drug addicts. But they were wise. They used this reputation to hide the dedication to principles beyond those of even their strongest enemies. And for that I admire them. But you're not one of those men. Are you?


Here lies the seed of man's first disobedience, of free will itself. Thanks to the Apple of Eden, the known world shall be ushered into a new age. One of peace, in which all the warring populations of mankind shall bow in perfect obedience to our one Templar rule. The Apple.

Where other men blindly follow the truth, remember... Nothing is true. Where other men are limited by morality or law, remember...-Everything is permitted. We work in the darkness to serve the light. We are Assassins.

Apr 12, 2017

If we eradicate free will, we eradicate the Assassins. A cancer that has menaced society for centuries. It's not my best work, but it gets the point across. We've been looking for solutions. You've eliminated the problem.
-So my program...
Has brought order to society for the first time.
With the recovery of the Apple, we are now in possession of the complete genetic road map to humanity's instincts. Any impulse towards independence, resistance or rebellion will be crushed. Any predisposition that might oppose our march of progress can now be eradicated.

I'm here to help you. And you're here to help me.
-I can't help you anymore.
What about all those great plans? Cure violence, combat aggression.
-That's not going to happen. You've started this,
Sophie. You don't get to walk away. We both know what happens next. Not everything deserves to live.
-I can't do this.
Yes, you can.


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Apr 01, 2017

makie_0 thinks this title is suitable for 99 years and over


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Apr 12, 2017

This Assassin’s Creed Featurette Explains the Animus, Which Never Made Sense Even In the Games, So Good Luck
by Maddy Myers | 1:08 pm, November 30th, 2016


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