The Fallen

The Fallen

Book - 2018
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Sep 25, 2020

Amos Decker is an unforgettable character!

Aug 12, 2020

A good read. Got a little toO many people involved and getting killed off towards the end.

May 06, 2020

Amos Decker and his colleague Alex Jamison are great to read about.

Jan 24, 2020

The Fallen: "It was all about the money." No matter how intricate, complex or convoluted the plot, the well-worn bottom line foundationally anchored by $ manifests itself in Baronville.

Aug 04, 2019

Not one of his better ones. I rate it a 6 of 10.

Jan 30, 2019

Everything you would expect from Baldacci, a veteran of this thriller/police procedure genre. The Memory Man lives on, solving a complex whodunit in the small town of Baronville. The opioid crisis of today is layer out in the convoluted (intricate) story of multiple murders, with lots of suspects and possible motives This is a fun, quick, page turning action novel- if you like Baldacci, you will like this novel.

Jan 18, 2019

Another fabulous novel by David Baldacci. There are different storylines intertwined with lots of twists and turns. Great read.

Dec 29, 2018

A modern-day violent story that "too damn much" money from the opioid trade corrupted those in a dying mining/milling town that is trying to make a comeback, but at what cost? Not an ordinary drug war novel but includes other twists about old money, new economy and their flaws/frauds: "Who would have thought one town could have so much crap going on separately?"

Dec 01, 2018

I do so enjoy the characters Decker/Jamison as well as Baldacci's writing; however, one has to suspend disbelief to a marked degree to enjoy this novel. I didn't care for the storyline, but the writing is top notch and laying the puzzle pieces to see the big picture is flat out fun!! While I would surely recommend this book, I would advise going in with your imagination open because the story is a stretch.

Nov 29, 2018

Plan nothing for 3 days. Literally. Turn off the phone.

You are about to be owned by David Baldacci for the next 72-96 hours.


Nov 10, 2018

It was a page turner. Decker and Jamison are walking a tightrope on this vacation from hell.

Oct 18, 2018

Slower to develop than his usual tale. The Memory Man had to do it all pretty much on his own. A rather complex story of rust belt woes, sadly it is very factual in the turn to opiates in the rust belt today. Addiction is always the escape never the cure.

Sep 11, 2018

Another great Baldacci book. He is one of the best fiction writers of today.

Aug 08, 2018

Gilberts book

Jul 02, 2018

So predictable it felt contrived and drawn out but it was still a good story.

Amos Decker joins his FBI parnter Alex Jamison on a vacation visit to her sister's family in their new location of Baronville PA.

Observing strange flickering of lights leads to a joint investigation of six murders with the local police and the DEA. The more they dig the more danger and death they uncover. Further concussions have Decker's brain misfiring giving a potential problem for future novels.
Robber Barons owning the town of Baronville and hidden treasure were a bit of a stretch.

Jul 01, 2018

The book held my attention throughout. However, the premise is farfetched which made it a bit hard to enjoy. The ending in particular was way beyond the believable. I know this is fiction and it did keep me guessing who were the bad guys and who were the good. But I've read better books from the author.

Jun 29, 2018

David Baldacci is at his best when he writes about Amos Decker. Amos and his partner Alex Jamison are back in the "Fallen." This book does not disappoint. Decker an Jamison are vacationing in Baronville at Jamison's sister's place when things start going wrong. Murder after murder take place and the local police and even DEA do not seem to make any headway. Decker with his usual logical thinking makes several discoveries which only seem to put him at risk. The difference in this book is that Decker does not make use of his prodigious memory instead he as portrayed as a sensitive, caring man. Regardless, the murders are solved with some surprising endings and a satisfactory conclusion. I enjoyed the book.

Jun 21, 2018

So slow moving. I skipped many pages out of boredom, then wished I'd skipped the book altogether. Didn't even read the last ten pages.

Jun 18, 2018


Jun 18, 2018

Decker and his comrade go on vacation.... and run into a real spaghetti mess. Could not keep most of the characters straight... probably understandable as nearly everyone in this small town is in some kind of thrall to opioid pill-pushers and related drug scum. All, including Decker, are running around in reaction to the latest outrage, etc. etc. Not much character development, even of Decker himself. I like the Memory Man, but this one I'd much rather forget.

Jun 12, 2018

David Baldacci does not disappoint with "The Fallen." I could not put it down.

May 25, 2018

Another great book from David Baldacci in the Memory Man series. I have enjoyed all his books but especially this series.

May 20, 2018

THE FALLEN is the best David Baldacci book yet in the Memory Man Series. Decker and Jamison are "on vacation" in a small town where Jamison's sister lives. Decker is relaxing on her deck outside when he notices strange things going on in the house behind it and goes to see what is happening. "On vacation" quickly evolves into "working a case" (or course). What is a case becomes so many different threads and twists and turns that it is a lot of cases balled up into one - though they merge somewhat towards the end. This is a very complicated story with great characters and plot development. The non-fiction, descriptive parts of this dealing with our Nation's opiod crises (plural intended) adds a huge layer of complexity to the story (a good thing) and scares the hell out of me (a less good thing, but a reality we better face). Throw into the mix that Decker gets decked by a major blow to the head which messes with his already "rewired" and amazing memory and you have a great story of crime solving and changing interpersonal relations. Well done David Baldacci! Enjoy.

May 04, 2018

3½ stars. I totally did my happy dance when I got my hands on this book! I love the Amos Decker series sooo much! Sadly, this wasn't my favorite in the series. There were so many story lines to keep track of - and the end of the book felt (to me) like everything had been thrown in a blender, pulsed a couple of times, and dumped back out, lol.

Apr 29, 2018

Another good addition to the Memory Man series. Complex story that deals with the opiod problem and the effects it has on a dying town. Interesting group of characters that have gotten mixed up in a drug scheme and a search for a long lost treasure. Baldacci just keeps getting better and never disappoints.

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